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Winning Roulette Online - Roulette Software Vs Roulette Systems

Roulette system can be good in case...
- You may memorize all these rules & conditions to duplicate SAME winning strategy;
- Odds happens to suit what was been described in a system;
- You will be able to record every spin result & analyze it on each step of way, and trying to catch what is so called "just correct time" winning situation;
- Or, in case you are system creator, then congrats, you know well about your system of course.

Unluckily you do not know when & how the casino can change the odds so that the system is useless for majority of time!
- Automatically spin, and input all the spin results in a software (to analyze purposes) as well as place the bets on casino table;
- Gather sufficient data that is ALL the spin results for playing sessions;
- Find the odds PATTERN, and not "red hasn’t been hit for past 15 spins" or else "number eight has been hit by four times in past 20 spins". Also, they do not mean anything until it becomes a few kind of pattern;
- Tell exactly what odds pattern specific casino is making use of using for time being. For instance, from past 200 spins, roulette generally tends to hit group of the numbers more often than some other group of the numbers;
- Strictly follow odds pattern & change with that. Software can smartly adjust the betting pattern and match current odds pattern to catch winning bets. For instance, software can suggest the group of numbers then other group of the numbers. And numbers in some group is changing that follows odds pattern automatically;
- Automatically recommend less & less winning bets to protect the current winning situation; or else automatically suggest more winning bets to leverage the winnings to maximum.

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